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Galleyherns Farm

Our customer, Compton Beauchamp Estates, originally had lots of small farms with old infrastructure and wanted to consolidate everything into one location at a brand new greenfield site. BK Grain were asked to carry out this project from start to finish.

With old infrastructure and slower drying capacity at multiple locations, it was a logical solution to consolidate into one location and change to an on-floor drying system as opposed to a batch dryer located at each farm.

At a brand new, greenfield site, BK Grain designed and built 2 new 6,000 tonne on floor drying stores using Harvest steel tunnels and Challow wood drying floors.

This included 4 fan house buildings, each holding 2 x 45kwh fans and CHC modulating burners with a wireless Robydome temperature monitoring system to allow it to be monitored remotely. Each grain bunker also has its own stirring system, with a total of 8 stirrers provided.

BK Grain project managed all on-site work, using in-house expertise for many elements including drainage and electrical installation.

The end result has provided many immediate benefits for Compton Beauchamp Estates, including reduced electrical bills and increased efficiency. However, from a commercial perspective the improved grain storage capability means that they can now store it for longer, enabling them to make more economical selling decisions based on market conditions. In addition, the local villagers around the other stores have also benefited from reduced noise and disruption, so everyone is happy!

Simon Bird, Director - BK Grain

We spend a lot of time talking to our customers at the beginning of a project to understand their needs, then we design the operation from scratch so that we can build the facility around the specific requirements of the store operator. We then project manage the whole process from start to finish, ensuring that all the various trades and contractors work together with our in-house team to ensure the project is finished on time.