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Fisherton Manor Farm

Fisherton Manor Farm in Warminster is an excellent example of a long term evolving relationship between BK Grain and a key customer as we have been working with Andrew Watson, the owner of Fisherton Manor Farm for over 15 years.

Fisherton Manor was originally just a small farm, but Andrew Watson has worked closely with BK over the years to upgrade and increase its storage capacity to c. 40,000 tonnes.

Today, this site is running 24 hours a day 365 days a year as a commercial outlet and includes 6 hopper bottom wet storage silos with 300 tonne capacity, 120 tonnes per hour (TPH) intake to storage and 120 TPH ministry stamped industrial weigher to add to other equipment installed by BK including colour sorter, cleaner, gravity table and ventilation with temperature monitoring.

In fact, BK has helped to reduce the electricity bill at Fisherton Manor by installing a sophisticated Robydome wireless monitoring system in conjunction with an in-house designed external fan system that means the store doesn’t need additional extractor fans to suck out the warm air circulating at the top of the building.

“Standard systems have fans that simply suck the heat out of the grain and then blow the warm air around the building, from where it needs to be extracted by another set of fans. We have installed fans outside the building linked to pedestals inside, so the heat is taken straight outside. It’s simple, effective and saves huge amounts of money. Meanwhile, it is all linked to a sophisticated monitoring system that gives the operator complete control.” Bill Bird, Managing Director – BK Grain

The project took just three months to complete, from receiving the initial planning permission to commissioning the store, including the new wet tip area, demonstrating BK’s ability to turn projects around extremely quickly and hit tight deadlines when necessary.


Jo Watson, Fisherton Manor Farm

The fact that our new temperature monitoring system is so reliable and accurate means that you pay more attention to it, and if you know what is happening you can ensure the store is running efficiently. By my calculations, we are saving between 25 and 30% on our electricity bill before we even consider the fact that we no longer need extractor fans in the store.