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30,000 tonnes of grain storage

October 27th, 2016

Although we deliver continuous flow dryers as well as on-floor storage, it is flat stores that are proving more popular at present, in part because they can handle the greater quantities of grain being produced by modern farming methods and bigger combine harvesters.

“When you are simply tipping into a store there is no chance of the kind of bottleneck that can sometimes occur at a busy period when using a continuous flow dryer,” explains Simon Bird, Director at BK Grain. “They also tend to be more flexible when different crops need to be stored in the same building.”

This year’s 30,000 tonnes was split between two new stores at Galleyherns Farm in Shrivenham, Clacks Farm in Wallingford, Grimsdyke Farm in Over Kidlington and two stores in Shropshire.

Speed has been an issue for many farmers, and BK have stepped up to the mark in this area with a 5,000 tonne flat store completed for Sir Alec Reed at Grimsdyke Farm in just 11 weeks.

BK Grain can now offer industrial units, straw barns, mill buildings, distilleries and breweries, as well as cattle and livestock buildings. “We can turn our hands to any project and offer the same high level of service, whatever the sector,” added Simon.